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Welcome to Mimoland
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The Flying Fairytale

Unleashing the Power of Wings Propelling Planetary Glee, Health, and Knowledge

Can you imagine a world where playful fairies fly friendly airplanes, collect sunny shine from the stars, where joy gives you wings, and where each child has their own personal fairy? A place where stewardesses are princesses and pilots are their charming princes, on magical flights of Peace Education.

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EduFly & Play & Smile


The Mimo Fairies inspire the unity of nations and the bliss of the celestial sphere. Emphasizing the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion, as guardians of goodness, they encourage acts of kindness in pursuit of personal and collective growth.

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4 Billion Take to the Air

Navigating Bumpy Rides: Joyful Children, Blissful Parents, Grateful Sky-Sailors, and a Healthier Planet

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United We Fly

Winged Edutainment Franchise

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MIMO: Something Beautiful and Gentle Given from the Bottom of Our Hearts

Collaborating with a team of enthusiastic professionals, Jasna Dragojević, Founder and Author of Mimoland, draws upon her airline experience to create pedagogically verified heartwarming children's books and edutainment products that enhance family air travel, accentuated by the beautiful artwork of renowned artist Ana Grigorjev.

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Mim-awesome Take off:
Sparkling the Shine from the Stars

Let's fly towards a future of Sustainable Development and Peace Education crafting an unparalleled flying experience for all.

MIMO: Something Beautiful and Gentle Given from the Bottom of our Hearts.

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