A beautiful story for all the children of the world

“Mimoland by the Flying Fairy embodies values like believing in yourself and following your dreams. At the same time, Mimoland promotes love and respect for other people, as well as cooperation and friendship.”— author Jasna Dragojević

Ordinary fairytales begin with well-known words ”behind seven mountains and seven seas, behind seven hills and seven mountains, behind seven rivers and valleys”. The book ”Mimoland by the flying Fairy” is, for example, extraordinarily suited carefully and kindly for so that every child can find a way to virtues every good person have.

”For children on airplanes, everywhere”, extraordinary words for a fairy tale to begin with and yet it is only the beginning. It could be said with great certainty that Mimoland is like our planet Earth, and children will flying safely with Fairy meet with Mimos in this magical land behind seven clouds, behind seven stars and seven suns.

”Oh, my shiny stars, thank you, thank you!”

On the other side of the clouds lies ahead of an imaginary world called Mimoland. Mimoland is a playful place where children’s imaginations come to life. The Mimos who lives there has a special connection to airplanes. In their world, they fly small planes around the universe, spreading the stars, sparkling joy. And in our world, Mimos are heroes to children everywhere and especially if they are travelling by airplane. plane. Animals, fairies, sirens, entire woods and houses, roads and flowers made from sweets and many more kind creatures join the Mimos in welcoming visiting children. Even so, Mimos and the Fairy are heroes, we should never forget that every hero needs a bit of help like brave Mimos also need the children’s help. The enchanted and bitter ZuZu Troll is using his airplane and capturing many Mimos, so they cannot safeguard children on flights, but only pure child’s heart can find Zuzu and save him from the astray and save Mimoland and many more…