Mimoland is an entertainment package based on the fairy tale “Mimoland by the Flying Fairy” by Jasna Dragojevic. It has been primarily created to make children flights more effective by introducing them to Mimoland. This product aims to keep their attention for a longer period of time.

The Entertainment package includes:

• printed book + virtual book • pillow-toy + special seat belt design

• medallion/MimoLap

• digital content + smart device application

• augmented reality

The product is aimed to be used in digital and physical ways in various circumstances, primarily in the airplane. And secondary, for example, during other means of traveling like a car, train, bus, at home, with friends etc. The children will be able to experience the story through different digital channels, but they can also play with Mimo pillow toys.

We welcome inquiries from companies or merchants looking to collaborate with Welcome to Mimoland, as well as general inquiries about Mimoland by the Flying Fairy and Mimoland children’s activities.

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