Enchanting adventure of Mimoland

Mimoland introduces a new concept for entertaining children before and during their flights creating a safe environment on an airplane flight. A magical adventure in Mimoland world is designed to stimulate children’s creativity and imagination while helping them to feel comfortable and safe on an airplane with friendly Mimos who fly small planes to collect joy and sparklings from the stars bringing light to the children.

This idea creates limitless possibilities for entertaining children during flight simply by reading and looking carefully made illustrations in the book. Fantastic Mimo’s wold comes alive with the help of flight attended nanny as well who are representing the magical Flying Fairy. With the help of qualified caretaking flying nannies, children are feeling safe at the same time using imagination playing together and making

Jasna Dragojević who designed the world of Mimoland learned on her own experience that airports and airplanes, as places where millions of people meet and interact daily, are an ideal platform for the campaign of kindness that Mimoland by the Flying Fairy passionately promotes.

”From the moment children meet with any single part of the Mimoland package, they find themselves in the adventure. The content of the story itself, together with all the items from the package are created in the way that inevitably provokes a sense of personal experience. The Flying Fairy, who appears at the very beginning of the story, represents a perfect metaphor of the flying attendant, who is one of the first person children come across on the flight. This way, at the entrance into the Mimoland world, children practically enter the playground, where they have the sense that they are the part of the story, the characters themselves and they feel the power to change the course of the story, to make a decision and the choices on their own. Further on, through constant tasks and updated content, children have the possibility to develop their imagination, creativity, and decision-making skills, but from their own, personal perspective, and all thanks to this sense of personal experience. This “airplane playground” is some kind of their “natural habitat”, completely comparable to their home, where they are surrounded by their toys and the rest of the items they have a psychological connection with”, says the book author Jasna Dragojević.