Flying Fairy magical help for parents and airline companies

Flying with children is always a big challenge,  for their parents, but at the same time for every airline company.

Parents need to complete the time of their little ones during the flight by plane, and companies strive to maintain professionalism so that all passengers enjoy the flight.

That is why it is a big task for both the airlines and the parents to achieve this goal.

We know that children have a big problem staying calm during the flight, especially long ones. They are often upset, crying, wanting to play games that are still not appropriate when flying.

During the flight parents have a hard time keeping children quite.

Welcome to Mimoland is a project which offers new age entertaining program for children on flights.

Founder of Mimoland project worked as a flying nanny in one of the airline companies, the position that requires certification of NORLAND COLLEGE, the hallmark of quality for early years practitioners. Children’s needs and onboard behavior are well known to her, and her two-year professional experience of working with children was a trigger for Mimoland idea.

Mimoland is an entertainment package based on the fairy tale “Mimoland by the Flying Fairy” by Jasna Dragojevic. It has been primarily created to make children flights more effective by introducing them to Mimoland. This product aims to keep their attention for a longer period of time.

This unique flying story makes it possible creation of a whole new magical world for children related to a specific AIRLINE industry.

This is a beautiful way for all children to have the ability to transfer a magical world into the real world constantly. Magic becomes alive with the printed book, pillow toy, digital content, and MimoLap application linked to augmented reality.