The notable author and critic of children’s literature Tode Nikoletić analyzing how the Mimoland by the Flying Fairy book would appear to the audience stated:

‟ Only a person who has the magic wings can write fairy tales, that means flying into the magical world of childhood. Only one who truly loves children can write such a book which treasures the qualities of love and goodness. Jasna Dragojević got these wings because she wrote this book, which once opened symbolizes these wings. What lies inside her rich book is easy to capture if only one is willing to dream. In addition to the dream in order to fully understand it you have to possess a strong faith and endless love to nurture.

Everything is lively in this book. It is made of pleasant sounds and with its subtle music refreshes the inner soul of the reader – but it needs to be understood and heard.  Only one who is capable of love, who can give a hug, who can give an honest handshake, who can say something nice, give a kiss and smother completely in kindness will understand it.

This book will be loved by anyone who knows how to love the tree decorated with Mimo-leaves and who can share the sorrows and joys of this world. Anyone who has its inner fairy can write this book, the one who is ready to follow it, but also believes in the possibility to become one, too. The one who is ready to become Mimo once telling everything to a pillow that is actually a blue cloud, floating in a dream, meeting other colorful pillows that remind us of a child within us.

In case someone is afraid, Jasna will lend them wings. You only need to be good. This goodness is seen by a fairy who will always follow you. Just try and you will see the wings growing, do something good and the fairy will take you back to your childhood. You will become the Shiny Star, you will shine inside more beautifully than the firefly. Be determined. Look for your sun inside of you, somewhere in your heart, in your soul, in your eyes, in your ears.

When you find the light, you will turn into a star – that is why this book should be read with your soul. Read it before and after meals, on breaks, between the classes, on the train, read it with hugging arms. Read it with your little noses, breathe it as if it was air, drink it as if it was water from the stream, recite it, act it out and turn it into a workshop for making the world a better place. That is the secret of this fairytale. SHHHHHHHH, sleep now, dream, spread your wings and fly with Jasna”.