“Mimoland by the Flying Fairy promotes magic of love, friendship, cooperation and respect for other people.  At the same time, Mimoland embodies values of believing in yourself and holding following your dreams.”— author Jasna Dragojević.

Jasna Dragojević was born in Slovenia and grew up in Serbia. When she was 12 years old, her parents arranged for her to take her first airplane flight in a small sightseeing plane. She loved flying and started to dream about working for an airline as a flight attendant.

Like the Flying Fairy in Mimoland by the Flying Fairy book, Jasna later became a flight attendant and took care of children on airplanes.

To help the children feel comfortable and enjoy their flight, she began making special pillow toys for them to play with. The pillows took on a life of their own, and the world of Mimoland was born.

Jasna currently works on Welcome to Mimoland and other projects including consulting services for the Municipality of Mionica in Serbia on tourism and hospitality management, destination marketing and coordination of public relations.