“The secret about the Mimos”, the Flying Fairy told the children, “is that they live in Mimoland, but at the same time, they live in airplanes. Whenever they see children in an airplane, they can mafically apear, become their friends, and take them beyond the clouds to Mimoland”

“And then what happens?”

“Then your adventure begins.”

On the other side of the clouds lies an imaginary world called Mimoland. The Mimos who live there have a special connection to airplanes. In their world, they fly small planes around the universe, spreading the stars’ sparkling joy. And in our world, Mimos come to entertain children who are traveling by airplane, and bring them back to Mimoland for a visit while they dream or daydream. Mimoland is a playful place where children’s imaginations come to life. Animals, fairies, and other creatures join the Mimos in welcoming visiting children. But the Mimos also need the children’s help. The enchanted ZuZu Troll is using his airplane to capture Mimos, and children are the only ones who can find the ZuZu Troll’s plane.

Will the children be able to help their Mimo friends and save Mimoland?

Children and adults alike will be enchanted by Mimoland by the Flying Fairy’s engaging story and rich illustrations.

Come along for the magical flight!