Welcome to Mimoland is more than a concept – it is a way of life. 

To an untrained eye, it is just a magical fairytale with a happy ending. For those who are willing to open their minds, we spread the message of love, respect, equality and zero tolerance for discrimination of any sort. That is a mission that is close to our heart and soul.

Mimos are wonderful magical creatures from all over the world, with the skin as blue as the sky. They respect all kinds of differences. Their world is a metaphor for our own planet where health, joy, prosperity and world peace should thrive. Through many challenges in the book, children and Mimos overcome many difficulties, and along the way learn about virtue, being fearless, being respectful and tolerant, and most of all – that we are all unique souls with equal rights who deserve everything our hearts desire.

Our vision is to ensure a healthy childhood through institutional cooperation with notable partners –both companies and individuals – who can recognize that reinforcing children’s creativity and open-mindedness is the best way to educate new generations of children.