The 5 most important facts about Mimoland

Mimoland story was created in the airplane by a flight attendant who got the idea to make children flights more interesting. At the same time, it allows parents who travel with their children to enjoy long flights.

Thanks to Mimoland, all children get the opportunity to constantly transfer the magical world to the real world while traveling by plane.

We want to present to you the five most important facts about Mimoland:

  1. MAGICAL AIRPLANE FUN FOR CHILDREN – an entertainment program designed to make children’s flights more interesting by introducing them to pillow-toy, printed book/activity book, virtual book, and MimoLap – creating a sense playground;
  2. MAKES TRAVELS EASY FOR PARENTS WITH CHILDREN – parents have an inner fight between the desire to bring the child with them on the trip and the fear of children’s feelings and behavior during the flight. Children require a lot of attention and activity, which is a context such as an airplane that cannot be completely provided to them. Nevertheless, this context limits them and inhibits a lot of their desires. 
  3. CHILDREN DEVELOP THEIR IMAGINATION – Mimoland uses a very effective technique for resolving this issue. Each story in Mimoland remains unfinished, and children clearly get the message that in the next story they will find out the missing part. That kind of dynamic rises their curiosity holds their concentration and interest and to the fact that children stick to the content for a longer period, even during the whole flight;
  4. CHILDREN ENRICH THEIR VOCABULARY AND DEVELOP READING – The story itself is written in a language understandable to children. By reading on their own or listening to a story read by their parents, children enrich and develop reading and writing skills;
  5. CHILDREN ADOPT MORAL VALUES – children identify with the characters, and they recognize and adopt values that the book contains – understanding, caring about the needs of others, proactive positive behavior towards others, accepting differences, and positive attitude.