The fantastical world tailored to children’s flight time

Imagination, love and virtue – qualities which every child bring to the planet Earth, but in a magical corner of the world of Mimoland children from all around get help in developing their creativity and imagination. Mimoland shows that virtues and goodness are the sole creator of a good and kind person. Above all Mimos, the magical Flying Fairy and the trip to Mimoland will help the little ones to feel comfortable and safe on the airplane and will teach children how to be good and kind people.

The magical and unforgettable journey in Miloland begins with the story of the magical Fairy with big heart overwhelmed with kindness from whom the desire to help every child to overcome their fears and teach them how to become virtuous and good people was born.

World of Mimoland is designed to stimulate children’s creativity and imagination, while helping them to feel comfortable and safe on an airplane. Thanks to the Mimoland by the Flying Fairy and all other Mimoland activities the flight flight more enjoyable for both children and adults.

How did Mimoland come about?

While working as a flight attendant, author Jasna Dragojević started looking for ways to make flights more enjoyable for children. Using the onboard resources on flights, she began making special pillow toys for children giving her best to make every pillow uniqe and different because children wolud feel special.

This idea showed big sucess and atracted significant interese with of parents since children loved the pillow toys so mucha and wanted to take them home. Soon Jasna was thinking of the making the story story behind toys and the magical wolrld of Mimoland was born. The kind fary like creatures, called Mimos safeguarded children during their flight. Her fairytale about the Mimos and theis quest kept childrens interest while helpin them to overcome fear of fligts. Furthermore this  convinced Jasna to develop the story so she could share Mimoland with even more children.