The psychological background of the Mimoland story

Author Jasna Dragojević combinig educational concepts of children education, teacher education, coaching, parent education, data analysis and consulting the made inovative and different apprach in this book.

Peter Pan of the new generation

”Mimoland by the flying Fairy” combines well known plot of fairytale story made for children but  set in modern time perspective. Content itself provides very strong personal identification with the characters and their virtues. Eveneso this book was written in english language message is easily understood just by looknig at the book illustrations of Mimoland, Mimos the Mimoland inhabitant, flying Fairy and the airplanes with children on them.

Some critics say that the conntent of Jasna’s Mimoland is not just simillar to James Matthew Barrie’s Peter Pan and his Neverland but it is quite new way of appraching the problem and dillema of child separation from safe parental enviroment. Nevertheless ”Mimoland by the flying Fairy” cannot be firmly set to just to the one way of charsterization because story itself unites much diverse worlds – the rational and harsh wolrd of grown people and child world of imagination.

While reading or just looking at the illustrations children instantly feel connection with the flying Fairy, a metaphor for the fligh attendat nanny. This deep involvement in the story has multiple benefits and by identifying themselves with the characters, children are prompt forward the adoption the values book characters are cherishing. Also, subconsciously, they experience through the eyes of characters and accept their value system.