Welcome to Mimoland the fantastical world tailored to children’s flight time!

As a company that envisions excellence in flight experience we designed a family friendly on board entertaining concept called Flying with Mimos which entails various digital and physical products and activities. Flying with children is a demanding challenge for families as well as airlines. Both face new challenges due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Therefore the concept was created in this new age of traveling in order to ensure a more confortable, safe and pleasant flying experience for families as well as to aid airlines in developing a stronger brand image, and all that by investing in onboard childcare.

Created to stimulate children`s creativity and imagination the Flying with Mimos concept also brings innovative solutions to the field of onboard hygiene protection.

What is Mimoland?

Mimoland is an imaginary world inhabited by Mimos, fairy creatures who fly friendly airplanes aspiring to collect joy from the stars and share it with other Mimos and with children around the world.

 Mimo fairies have a special relationship with airplanes – they live in Mimoland and by acting as children`s guides they can simultaneously appear on airplanes. Magically, with the help of Mimos, children who are napping during their flight are able to visit  Mimoland in their dreams. Mimoland is a place of limitless possibilities. Visiting children will play with Mimos and will enjoy a natural but also fantastical world. Values like believing in yourself, using imagination, working and playing together, and helping those in need are emphasized and incorporated into Mimoland by the Flying Fairy book and it’s connected products and activities.

This unique never-seen-before concept could be easily adapted and expanded to different sectors. Welcome to Mimoland has been approved and supported by the pedagogical profession.

How did Mimoland come about?

While working as a flight attendant, author Jasna Dragojević started looking for ways to make flights more enjoyable for children. Using the onboard resources on her flights, she began making special pillow toys for children. Each pillow featured a different imaginative character. The children loved the pillow toys and wanted to take them home.

Soon Jasna was thinking of the toys as magical creatures, called Mimos, who could act as guides for the children during their flight. Her onboard tale about the Mimos captivated the children, and their interest convinced Jasna to further develop the story so she could share it with even more children.

Her first book about Mimoland, beautifully illustrated by Ana Grigorjev is now available.